Our Services


 Times are changing and Dental Hygienists are able to work independently!  My primary focus is prevention.  I have the flexibility to spend time with each individual and customize a treatment plan just for you.  Fast, safe teeth whitening without sensitivity!  

  • Professional equipment and a wide array of oral hygiene aids to help you maintain your teeth at home between appointments.  A comfortable setting while still offering a fee schedule that is lower than hygiene costs in a dental office. 

  • Nervous?  Sensitive?  Try a topical anesthetic gel to numb your mouth for your cleaning followed by Fluoride Varnish to desensitize your teeth between visits!

  • Need a referral for x-rays or fillings?  SMDH works with several dentists who are happy to accept referrals!

  • New Client Examination/Assessment at SMDH ... Complimentary!

Contact Pam at SMDH to book an appointment.


SMDH Fee Schedule

Cleaning Services

Scaling (cleaning)  $26.00-208.00

Polishing (Stain Removal)  $15.00-30.00

Fluoride  $20.00  (several types available:  rinse, gel, varnish) 


Your Oral Health

We are committed to your Dental Health!

Oral Self Care Instruction ... Complimentary!

 Denture Cleaning and Polishing ... Complimentary!




Sport Guards / Mouth Guard  $40.00-45.00

Tooth Gem (Swarovski Crystal)  $40.00

Teeth Whitening  $99.00-149.00

Dental Repair

Dental Sealants  $11-20.00

Desensitization  $18.00-39.00

Temporary Restorations  $28.00-56.00

Temporary Re-cementation of Crowns  $28.00-56.00


Oral Hygiene Packages

Oral Hygiene Packages with each visit to Simcoe Muskoka Dental Hygiene

Oral Hygiene Packages are sent home with each client after their visit; individualized per each one's needs: 

Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss, Floss Pics, Sulcus Brush, Floss Threaders, Specialty Aids...   


Payment Options

All Insurance Plans Accepted

Government Plans Welcome (OW, ODSP, CINOT, Healthy Smiles)

Direct billing to insurance (EDI) and assignment available as required.


As well as Visa, MasterCard, and Interact for your convenience.