Teeth Whitening and Shade Guides


A unique tool used to show pre-whitening tooth shade and post-whitening tooth shade!

During a consultation appointment for teeth whitening, We use a Shade Guide that allows clients to identify their "current shade" and then show them a comparison shade 4-8 colours lighter!  See the current colour of your teeth, then the colour we ANTICIPATE that your teeth will be after the Take-Home whitening. 

Sometimes the changes are subtle and clients cannot recall their original shade, this makes some unsure if whitening made a change...we can then turn to the Shade Guide and compare the original colour and post-whitening colour to show clients just how great the whitening worked!  

SMDH carries a variety of whitening gels of different composition and different strengths --Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide!  Results are visible within the first few treatments! A variety of gels with stronger active ingredients can be used on stubborn stains!

If clients have had issues with sensitivity in the past with whitening, we would recommend the Lumibrite 32% Carbamide Peroxide as it has a proprietary mix of Carbamide Peroxide and Glycerin to rehydrate the teeth while whitening!  Some Hydrogen Peroxide gels MAY cause temporary sensitivity during whitening if the trays are worn for long periods of time, as the Hydrogen Peroxide may temporarily dehydrate the teeth. 

Note:  There are no guarantees with teeth whitening as some teeth are more difficult to whiten than others!! This is not typical!!  MOST people do achieve a brighter whiter smile after whitening.  If your first whitening experience was not as brilliant as you were expecting, try a different type of gel or a stronger gel! 

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