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A unique tool used to show pre-whitening tooth shade and post-whitening tooth shade!

During a consultation appointment for teeth whitening, We use a Shade Guide that allows clients to identify their "current shade" and then show them a comparison shade 4-8 colours lighter!  See the current colour of your teeth, then the colour we ANTICIPATE that your teeth will be after the Take-Home whitening. 

Sometimes the changes are subtle and clients cannot recall their original shade, this makes some unsure if whitening made a change...we can then turn to the Shade Guide and compare the original colour and post-whitening colour to show clients just how great the whitening worked!  

SMDH carries a variety of whitening gels of different composition and different strengths --Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide!  Results are visible within the first few treatments! A variety of gels with stronger active ingredients can be used on stubborn stains!

If clients have had issues with sensitivity in the past with whitening, we would recommend the Lumibrite 32% Carbamide Peroxide as it has a proprietary mix of Carbamide Peroxide and Glycerin to rehydrate the teeth while whitening!  Some Hydrogen Peroxide gels MAY cause temporary sensitivity during whitening if the trays are worn for long periods of time, as the Hydrogen Peroxide may temporarily dehydrate the teeth. 

Note:  There are no guarantees with teeth whitening as some teeth are more difficult to whiten than others!! This is not typical!!  MOST people do achieve a brighter whiter smile after whitening.  If your first whitening experience was not as brilliant as you were expecting, try a different type of gel or a stronger gel! 


tooth piercing with a tooth gem

A tooth gem is a small Swarovski Crystal attached to the surface of a tooth using a tooth coloured resin adhesive.  Some are small Crystals in the center of the tooth, other times people elect to place the Crystal offset to the side.  

The crystal is mounted onto the surface of the tooth and does NOT require drilling!  It can be removed by a Dental Hygienist at any time; there is no change to the tooth!  Fee for Swarovski Crystal $40.00.

Why you might need a Sport Guard / Mouth Guard for your mouth...

Mouth guards are coverings worn over teeth. They function to protect teeth from injury and reduce the risk of concussion during sports. Generally, mouth guards cover your upper teeth only, but in some instances (such as if you wear braces or another fixed dental appliance on your lower jaw), your Hygienist will make a mouth guard for the lower teeth as well. Your Hygienist can suggest the best mouth guard for you.  An effective mouth guard should be comfortable, resist tears, be durable and easy to clean, and should not restrict your breathing or speech.

Types of mouth guards:

Stock mouth protectors are preformed and come ready to wear.  They are inexpensive and can be bought at most sporting good stores and department stores.  However, little can be done to adjust their fit, they are bulky, make breathing and talking difficult, and they provide little or no protection.  Dentists do not recommend their use.

Custom-fitted mouth protectors are individually designed and made in a dental office or Laboratory. An impression of your teeth is taken and a mouth guard is then moulded over the model using a special material.  Due to the use of the special material and because of the extra time and work involved, this custom-made mouth guard is more expensive than the other types, but it provides the most comfort and protection. If you grind or clench your teeth at night, a special mouth guard-type of dental appliance -- called a nocturnal bite plate or bite splint -- may be created to prevent tooth damage.



Custom Mouth Guards

We can provide custom guards in many patterns

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Tooth Gem

Add more sparkle to your smile?

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Tooth Whitening

Coffee or tea discoloured your teeth? We can help restore the white to your smile.

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